24" x 24"
Piece Type: 

Pisces – The Fish 

FEB 19 – MAR 20

Pisces is represented in this painting by two fish connected by a ribbon.  The trident symbol for Neptune is partially covered by the blue planet.  The water lily is the plant associated with the fish.  The colors of Pisces are sea greens and blues, and salmon.  The background color is a metallic sea green to indicate that this is a water sign.  The glyph for Pisces is shown as a shadow over the rest of the painting.  The four corners of the border show the glyph, the duality - feminine, the triplicity - Mutable, and the quadruplicity or element - Water.  The additional symbols repeated along the sides are the House, the 2 numbers, and the time of year.

This constellation depicts 2 fish tied together by a ribbon.  The two fish are the deities Aphrodite and Eros, who, upon attack by the demon Typhoon, leapt into the Euphrates River turning themselves into fish.  They used the ribbon to stay together in the water.

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