Fused Glass

I cut sheet glass with hand tools or an electric saw.  Layers are added as details or decorations and the stacked glass is transferred to the kiln and fired to melt the glass together.  I often create custom glass sheets to use in my designs by combining different elements into a single sheet.  These elements include ground glass (frit), very thin broken glass (confetti), and thin rods of glass (stringers), as well as metal leaf and foil.

When a piece has been fused, it is a single, flat piece of glass.  I usually fuse at a temperature that leaves the surface smooth, but with some amount of texture.  The full fuse creates a finished piece that can be hung on a wall, or displayed in a stand. 

To shape the fused glass piece, it is placed in the kiln on a prepared ceramic (or other material) mold of the proper size and shape.  It is fired at a lower temperature that allows the glass to become soft and a bit stretchy.  This allows the glass to relax into, over, or through the mold to create plates, lamps, and vases.

To see the equipment necessary for the fusing/slumping process, please visit my Glass Studio page.

These fused glass pieces require at least two firings - one to fuse the glass pieces together, and a second to "slump" the finished piece into a prepared mold.  More complex pieces require additio

These glass panels are flat, rather than being slumped into molds.  They are intended solely as artwork and will need a stand of some sort.  They can be leaned against a window, set in a plate sta

I make Hearts and a series of flat fused glass Sea Creature Ornaments that are a little heavy so best hung as suncatchers in front of a window or against a wall.  However, if you have a sturdy tre

My wall art includes pieces that are generally opaque, and therefore do not require a back light source.  I attach metal hangers so the pieces are ready to hang. 

Here I include tiles, coasters, waves, and small dishes.  My small square dishes make awesome soap dishes if the size works for you.

These include tiles in various sizes and shapes, and are often commissioned pieces.  The indvidual glass tiles can be installed into kitchen or bath counters or walls.  I also make larger pieces c

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